EGP Resolution on the situation in the Ukraine

We, European Greens, condemn the violence and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people support all efforts to reach a peaceful, stable and democratic solution. The common agreement signed on Friday 21st Feb between the Ukrainian opposition and president Yanukovych was a first step to overcome the crisis which led to terrible bloodshed in Ukraine.

Yanukovich’s decision to brutally crack down on the protests on Euromaidan has led to dozens of people getting killed and countless people getting injured. We express our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Those responsible for the bloodshed have to be prosecuted.

The territorial integrity is crucial for the future of Ukraine. No activity aiming at the disintegration of Ukraine can be accepted.

We want to acknowledge that the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland finally took up their responsibility and helped brokering an agreement. We call upon the EU foreign ministers and the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy to do the utmost to create a sustainable peaceful solution. We expect the Russian authorities to play a constructive role, since until now President Putin has contributed to the escalation of the situation.

The European Union mustmakeclear that no government in the world has the right to use such force against its own people, as happened in recent days. As long as the situation remains unresolved, the EU must be ready to use all legitimate instruments, including targeted sanctions. In order to support the Ukrainian people, we call for a visa free traveling into the EU.

The EU must help to stabilize the social, financial and economic situation in Ukraine with a joint effort and concrete financial support plan with all international partners and institutions and help Ukraine alleviate their energy dependence towards Russia. The European Union should make all possible efforts in the framework of the Eastern Partnership to support the positive transformation.

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people who should decide for themselves what country they want to live in and if they want to go ahead towards the European Union.


supported by the EGP electoral convention on february 22nd 2014 in Brussels. Typos maybe corrected in the final version

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